We provide a range of facilitation services, including the following areas:

Change Management

To help people deal with change. We facilitate a series of discussions about preparing for change and develop a change management plan that addresses both the technical and human sides of change.

Team Development

To enhance team performance. Difficult issues such as communication that is not open and honest or members who don’t cooperate might be a challenge for you. We can help your team achieve high performance by facilitating a series of theoretical-based activities and exercises that are both practical and instantly applicable to your team.

Process Improvement

To map and analyze work processes in order to improve the way work gets done. By eliminating duplication, waste and unnecessary checks, performance is improved. We espouse an approach of continuous improvement.

Strategic Planning

To help the leadership team plan for the future. We follow the steps of a proven model that helps members envision the ideal future for the company, community, organization or team and then develop a plan for achieving that future.


To help you develop and run a successful mentoring program. We help address such issues as the skills needed to be an effective mentor or mentee and how to deal with mentor, mentee and mentor program challenges.

Citizen Visioning

To help citizens envision the ideal future for their community. Assist community members to shape their communities through a structured series of activities. The process encourages citizens to envision the future of their community and then make plans to achieve that vision.

Assessment Tools

To conduct focus groups to gather crucial information and to provide a report with recommendations. Focus groups can address such issues, as whether your marketing initiative is effective; what employees would like from their company and what citizens envision for their community. Customized focus groups can help obtain the answers you need to develop a more effective and efficient organization.


To design and implement assessment instruments. These instruments will help you determine whether your services are satisfying your clients, or whether the organizational climate is conducive to high performance. A custom designed survey that is web-based will give you answers to improve your services.

360-degree Feedback

To help leaders learn and grow. A 360-degree feedback process will help pinpoint strength and developmental areas. A personal development plan based on the 360 degree results focuses attention on areas to maintain and others to strengthen.

Other Facilitation Services are Available Upon Request.

Liz Weinstein has served on a wide array of organizational and project teams I have led over the past 20 years. Her expertise in the areas of organizational and strategic planning, leadership development and staff and team development is exceptional. Her work has contributed greatly to the development of high performance teams and organizations. Liz has helped prepare those teams to achieve results beyond all expectations.

Jim Hennessey | Administrator Iowa Child Advocacy Board