Dr. Elizabeth Weinstein is the owner of

Elizabeth Weinstein and Associates, Inc.

, a training and consulting company based in Des Moines, Iowa. Since 1990, she has successfully met her company’s mission to provide innovative programs and services that challenge people to excel.

Training Services

— develop, present and evaluate curriculum on specific topics.

Facilitation Services

— assist groups to solve problems by guiding them through a discussion and planning process.

Key Issues

  • Is your team performing at a high level?
  • Want to improve your work processes?
  • Don’t know how to prepare leaders for the future?
  • Need a roadmap for your business, community, organization or team?
  • Decided to implement a mentoring program but don’t know how?
  • Want to know how to involve citizens in improving their community?
  • Need to assess how well you are doing?
  • Want to ensure an effective not-for profit board of directors?

Our Approach

  • Our approach, with every project, is to establish a collaborative partnership with our clients to achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • Using various assessment tools to identify your community, company, organization or team development needs, including open discussions, 360-degree feedback, organization climate surveys, team assessments, customer service surveys and focus groups
  • Designing an intervention plan based on analysis from the conducted assessments
  • Implementing strategies developed in the intervention plan
  • Evaluating the implemented strategies while seeking ways to continually improve performance

Certified 20/20 Insight

Dr. Weinstein has effectively used 20/20 Insight software for more than twelve years to provide 360 degree feedback for leadership development, to gain input from stakeholders for strategic planning, to conduct periodic surveys to obtain customer ratings on products and services and to measure how effective a training program has been in changing behaviors.

Liz is a very dedicated and insightful individual. Her skill in training and development and process improvement has guided the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI ) CEU Provider Program. Our program is now a leader in providing continuing education opportunities to the professional image consultant.

Chris Swanson | AICI Membership and Certification Director